Interior design · 87 sq m

 Visaginas, Lithuania · 2022

Design of the apartment to accommodate a family of two people.
The apartment is located in a quiet small town surrounded with a pine forest, in a brick house built in 1989. There was a major redevelopment carried out.
There was an uninsulated balcony adjacent to two rooms in the original layout. During the redevelopment of the apartment, it was divided into two parts and attached to the rooms. When redeveloping the apartment, I had to keep in mind the load-bearing wall passing through the centre of the apartment.
There are three bedrooms, one of them being a guest room, in the apartment.
I designed an additional bathroom and a laundry/storage room adjacent to the kitchen.
The kitchen, dining room and hall are combined to make one space. The large island is used as a dining table. The facades of the kitchen furniture are made to match the colour of the walls, so the kitchen looks like a part of the common space of the hall. The island is the highlight of the apartment.
One can get to the laundry room from the kitchen. It has a washing machine and dryer, a built-in ironing board and a storage space.
The size of the master bedroom with an attached balcony makes up only 14 sq m. It has a 180 cm wide bed with wardrobes on both sides and shelves above the headboard. There is also a storage space under the bed, with pull-out tables on its both sides. A workplace and another wardrobe are arranged on the balcony.
In the bedroom, a glass panel is mounted in the wall adjacent to the bathroom for the daylight to freely enter the room. The bathroom is decorated with stone-like tiles.
Only natural materials and colours were used in the apartment's design. In the hall and the master bedroom, the walls and ceiling are finished in textured plaster made of clay. Oak parquet boards laid to make a herringbone pattern were used for the flooring.
The interior I have created is both soothing, comfortable and functional.