The Interior of the Country House in the Pine Forest

Interior design · 150 sq m

Mytishchi · 2016

This spacious house is located in the suburbs of Mytishchi, the Moscow region.
The project's customer, a young successful businessman, had supported the idea of using the eco-friendly materials in the interior, which became the highlight of the project. We sought to match the interior with the beautiful pine forest that surrounds the house. We wanted the interior to look as harmonious with the pine forest as possible.
There were eco-friendly supplies used for finishing: a wide variety of wooden elements, stone, glass, stabilized moss, plaster and concrete-like flooring. All premises are united with a common theme, which is slowly revealing as you move from one room to another.
In the hallway, an outerwear and shoes closet is hidden behind the slats, so the wooden ceiling seems to be cut by lines of light, as if the sun rays breaking through the cracks. There is a round banquette with a living green island in the middle of the room.
The ceiling and the lines of light are passing through the glass-block partitions, visually connecting the hallway with a spacious and bright living room.

In the hall, the walls are painted in graphite colour and serve as a background for an objet d'art - a six-meter high wooden structure consisting of cubes of different volumes running over each other. Like all carpentry work, the column was made according to a detailed sketch.

There is another objet d'art in the office - the ceiling. The ancient Chinese game Tangram was inspiring me in its creation. The rack ceiling is made of separate segments provided with hidden illumination.