The Interior of the Apartment in the Wellton Park Residential Complex

Interior design · 150 sq m

 Moscow · 2017

Layout of the rooms was the starting point in my work. First of all, I focused on functional and practical features, the foundation of the project.

Initially, the apartment had been overloaded with a lot of partitions, which created many irrationally used spaces. Therefore, I decided to dismantle all the partitions, and zone the apartment from scratch. As a result, the area became as useful as possible. 150 sq m of the area accommodated everything that had been requested. I even managed to arrange a guest bathroom and a laundry room. There are two spacious wardrobes in the apartment. One is set at the entrance, with another one located next to the parents' bedroom, between the bedroom and the bathroom. This arrangement of the wardrobe is very convenient in using.

The kitchen, hall and the master bedroom windows faced north, that was a disadvantage. The rooms were dark and it made them look even smaller. To make them visually more spacious and light, I decided to take white colour to paint the walls.

There are a lot of rooms in the apartment with relatively small areas. But I wanted to make small spaces look bigger. I suggested to use sliding doors. When you open them, you visually expand the room, and there is no feeling of confined space.
And so that not to clutter up the space and not to hurt the eyes with a large number of doors, some of them drive into the walls, and the others are concealed and painted to match the walls.

There are a lot of natural materials used in the interior, like Swiss parquet made of heat-treated oak for the flooring. It is resistant to moisture and damage. It was used as the flooring everywhere, including the kitchen area and the hallway. This is a really outstanding type of parquet. There are two sizes of parquet planks in this line, which enables to make 26 different types of parquet laying. In this design, I made 3 types of laying, one smoothly turning into another. When you look from different angles, the same parquet looks different, due to the various directions of the wood fibers.

In the wet area of the master bathroom I used teak, which looks great next to the smoked oak elements.

Concrete-like decorative plaster and wallpaper were also used in the interior. In the bedroom, one wall is decorated with 3D plaster panels. They create a special mood of smoothness and softness, since they look like ripples on the water.

In general, the interior is made in soothing neutral colours with some bright accents introduced. It is specially designed to be easily changed and transported if needed. It lives its own life.
I wanted to make the corridor leading to the children's rooms looking visually shorter. To do this, I used colour. I had half of the corridor and the ceiling painted warm yellow. This technique visually shortens the space, and looks very attractive.